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Journeyman Dessert Tasting Menu; New for JP

SOMERVILLE - The tasting menu-only Journeyman will be implementing a dessert-only tasting menu starting Wednesday, March 6 as part of an expanded dessert program thanks to the recent addition of pastry chef Adrian Vasquez. Four courses of dessert goes for $40 and may include dishes like blood orange with olive and fennel, banana with cream cheese and ginger and chocolate with peanut, pretzel and beer. [Official Site]

JP - Jamaica Plain is getting a new restaurant/bar and lounge according to a Craigslist job posting. No further details about the upcoming venue are provided, except that this will be the type of place that refers to its bartender as a mixologist. [Craigslist]

HUB-WIDE - So how bad was winter storm Nemo/the blizzard that shouldn't have been named for restaurants? The Globe reports that the storm took "a roughly 35 percent bite out of weekly sales for restaurants located between Boston and Hartford." The Netown-based firm Restaurant Sciences looked into data from 8.5 million restaurant guest checks to determine that "full-service restaurants were hit the hardest and do not recoup sales lost to major storms." Sounds like the travel ban may be largely to blame. [BG]
[Photo: Journeyman/Cal Bingham]


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