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Taco Party Truck Starts Slinging Vegetarian Tacos April 1

Photo: Taco Party Truck/Facebook

Spring food truck season is nearly upon us, and an excitingly named vegetarian taco truck, Taco Party, will be among the newcomers on April 1st. Owner Keith Schubert is revisiting his culinary roots after spending the last twelve years traveling the world as a drum tech with touring bands. So why put down roots - or at least wheels that don't roll too far? "Living out of a suitcase and traveling abroad for months at a time is great when you're in your twenties and the only key on your key ring goes to a storage locker," Schubert writes on the Taco Party website. But thankfully for Boston, now he's in his thirties, "sick of airports," and ready to share the "intense taco and burrito lust" he built up during time spent in California.

A lot of taco places will throw an obligatory veggie taco on the menu, but Taco Party is 100% vegetarian and goes beyond the beans and sad little handful of roasted vegetables that can be found elsewhere. The current menu:

Tacos ($3/one, $5/two, $7/two with a side)
· Tempeh Tantrum Taco: Savory marinated tempeh topped with avocado, shredded cabbage and green onion salsa.
· T Party Taco: The "T" is for tofu! Fried up in a specially seasoned panko bread crumb mix topped off with shredded lettuce, mango salsa, and roasted garlic crema.
· Seitanthony's Feast: Meaty slices of seitan marinated in a citrus love potion. Topped with pickled red onion, lettuce and chipotle crema.
· Surprise Party: A daily special taco that changes with the seasons.

· Tortilla Chips with Guacamole ($2.50)
· Mexican Brown Rice with Smokey Black Beans ($2.50)
· Add cheese (dairy or vegan) ($0.50)

Schubert knows that some customers might be confused by the lack of meat. "I've tried to get out there ahead of it and let people know what [vegetarianism] is all about, and why I'm vegetarian," Schubert told BU's Daily Free Press. "But I'm sure there will be people who come up to the truck thinking, 'Oh, tacos great,' and they'll look at the menu and be like 'what the hell is this?'" Surely they'll be quickly appeased by Schubert's "citrus love potion."

Taco Party will be livening up a few different spots each week:
· Mondays, 11AM-3PM: BU West, Comm Ave by the bridge
· Tuesday, 11AM-3PM: Back Bay, Stuart St & Trinity Pl
· Wednesdays, 11AM-3PM: Northeastern Univ., Huntington & Opera Pl; 4PM-7PM: Back Bay, Belvidere St by Children's Fountain
· Thursdays, 11AM-3PM: Northeastern Univ., Huntington & Opera Pl
· Fridays, 11PM-3PM: Chinatown, Boylston between Tremont & Wash.; 4PM-7PM: Dorchester, Dot Ave in front of Ashmont T
· Saturdays, 11PM-3PM: Back Bay, Belvidere St by Children's Fountain

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