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Boston Students Like PBR More Than Boston Hipsters Do

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Business data provider/menu database startup Locu has generated a series of heatmaps showing venues that serve both Bud Light and PBR in "Hipster Meccas" around the country, and, unsurprisingly, the local versions zero in on Cambridge and Allston. The images do two things. One, they show where more of each kind of beer is sold and thereby suggest conclusions about who is buying more of which beer in different neighborhoods. Two, they give a suggestion as to how the creature from the movie Predator sees infographics.

So what do the maps show? Bud Light "appears in more locations across Boston" while "places we do see PBR light up are around universities." And so it would seem that students out-PBR hipsters and that choosing the cheaper PBR is more of a financial decision than an ironic one. But the study incorrectly assumes that students at schools like Harvard "can't spend a boatload on drinks." Can't, or don't?
· Locu Digs Deep Into PBR Data: Hipsters Unphased[Official Site via EN]
[Photo: Locu]