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Pan Thai Could Become Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House

Photo: Yelp/Oui T.

Thai restaurant Pan Thai near Symphony Hall appears to be slated for a change into a completely different venue called Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House. Notes from a recent city licensing board agenda indicate that Pan Thai has put in to transfer its license to the new restaurant, whose location is listed as the same: 14 Westland Ave. While there's no further confirmation at this point, the phone number for Pan Thai is not currently in service, so it is possible that the restaurant has already closed. While there are tons of restaurants around the country called something like Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House, none seem to match that exact name, and so it appears that this would be a generic-sounding independent establishment rather than a genuinely generic chain. Stay tuned for updates and, as always, send your own to the tipline.

· License Board for The City of Boston (PDF) [Official Site]

Pan Thai

14 Westland Street, Boston, MA