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Bee's Knees Almost Ready; Dim Sum Cafe Opens

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FORT POINT - Market and quasi-cafe Bee's Knees Supply Company is poised to open, says Facebook. The Bee's Knees comes from Local 149 founder and M3 owner Jason Owens and will have charcuterie, cheese, takeout, coffee drinks, a patio on which to consume them and more. Reports have said that the shop is already open, but a post from earlier today says "To clarify are doors are not open just yet?.BUT we will be very soon!!" [Facebook]

CAMBRIDGE - The upcoming cricket-themed Hit Wicket plans to open in May, says the Herald. The owner hopes to open "in time to catch some of the sixth season of the India Premier League." [BH]

MEDFORD - Dim Sum Cafe is now open on Fellsway West and serving "fresh made to order Dim Sum and other Chinese traditional foods," it says. [Facebook via CH]
[Photo: Bee's Knees, Melissa Ostrow/UrbanDaddy]