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The Upper Crust Returns to The South End

After filing for bankruptcy and closing nearly a dozen locations last fall, local pizza chain The Upper Crust is slowly coming back on line, albeit in a somewhat altered state. Boston Restaurant Talk catches a Facebook post from the Tremont Street branch indicating that this South End location reopened last Friday, March 22. So how does a bankrupt company come back? When someone buys it, including when that someone is connected with the someone who ran the company before it tanked. BRT says that this location appears to be one of several picked up by the private equity firm UC Acquisition, which has ties to The Upper Crust founder Jordan Tobins. Other former locations are becoming other pizzerias altogether, including the The Proper Slice that recently opened on Newbury Street and The Just Crust, headed for Harvard Square. Plus there are still franchise locations that have remained in operation, including those in West Roxbury, Plymouth, Newburyport, and Portsmouth, NH.

Surely not all Bostonians will welcome The Upper Crust back with open arms, what with all those scandals associated with the company. How are you feeling about seeing the company back in action? Weigh in via the comments.

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[Photo: Official Site]

The Upper Crust

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The Upper Crust

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