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Solving The Mystery of K.M. Taqueria & Bar

What appeared to be a new restaurant called K.M. Taqueria & Bar posted to Craigslist months ago saying it would feature a "creative taqueria menu," but since then no new details have surfaced. Until, possibly, now. A new Craigslist job posting for another (or the same?) Mexican restaurant seeks the following positions: "Chef/K.M, Sous Chef, Head Cooks." Wait a minute... K.M Taqueria & Bar... Chef/K.M... could it be that "K.M. Taqueria & Bar" is not the name of a venue but just the title of job posting seeking a kitchen manager (or K.M.)? Sure, let's go with that for now. Some other details from the new posting: the author says they "are just opening," which most likely means opening soon, given the hypothetical "hopefully" used in describing the venue as "a large, hopefully high volume, eclectic bar and grill restaurant with a mexican theme." The only other noteworthy detail: "This is our third operation."

To review: Boston is getting a new Mexican bar and grill from a restaurateur that already has two exisiting venues. Maybe it's the same place as K.M. Taqueria & Bar, or maybe that's a different place altogether, and maybe that's not even it's name but just an abbreviation for "Kitchen Manager." Stay tuned and send any intel of your own to the tipline.

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[Photo: Etsy]