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Floating Restaurant The Mooring Pushed Back to 2014

Photo: The Mooring/Boston Harbor Cruises via Boston Business Journal

It looks like East Boston will have to wait another year to eat seafood while bobbing above still-living seafood at the proposed floating restaurant called The Mooring. The East Boston Times-Free Press says the project has been put off until next year and suggests that the developers "may be waiting until there is more activity along Eastie's waterfront before launching their restaurant idea." The paper once again reports that the menu would focus on seafood with entrees falling between $14 and $18 and reiterates that there would be a free water shuttle to get landlubbers there - private boats and even kayakers can roll up for free - all between May to October. The city is still supportive of the idea. In fact, city councilor Sal LaMattina said he was "disappointed" that it wasn't happening sooner.
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