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Marvel at Quattro's Magnificent Marble

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Quattro, the latest venture from Frank DePasquale (Bricco, Umbria Prime, Mare, etc.), could open this Wednesday in the North End, featuring Neapolitan pizza and signature dishes from its sister restaurants. Once the paper comes off the windows and the final permits fall into the place, the new full-service restaurant will take the place of Il Panino Express, another DePasquale property, which will live on in the form of the new Il Panino Cafe & Grill out in JP. Plus, its sandwich offerings are now available at yet another DePasquale outpost in the North End, DePasquale's Homemade Pasta Shoppe, and several of the sandwiches are on Quattro's lunch menu.

Visually speaking, Quattro diners will be drawn to the open kitchen, which boasts a custom-built brick pizza oven imported from Naples and a rotisserie for a varying selection of meats. The oven, which will operate at a scorching 790 degrees, can cook a pizza in just one minutes and ten seconds. And it's marble as far as the eye can see: eight can sit at a marble counter looking into the kitchen, and there's space for 40 more in the marble-tabled dining room, which has an Italian ceramic tile floor. In warm weather, floor-to-ceiling windows will open wide to let diners breathe in the North End air.

Quattro's "greatest hits" roster of DePasquale dishes will include bread and polenta from Bricco, pasta from the Shoppe, grilled seafood from Mare, gelato from the Gelateria, and the rack of lamb from Umbria. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the food will be overseen by a chef who's already in the company: Gianni Caruso, executive chef at Bricco. The menu will also include sfizi - small plates like arancini and caprese salad.

Quattro will be open for lunch and dinner daily from 11 AM to 11 PM.

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