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Trouble for Southie Dive Bar Aces High?

Southie dive bar Aces High may be closing or may have already closed. The bar could not be reached for comment at this time, but the phone number for the bar currently directs callers to other venues in different cities, and UniversalHUB notes that the precious Aces High liquor license is being sought by the owner of the upcoming Seaport District restaurant Pastoral, which will traffic primarily in Neapolitan-style pizza. UniversalHUB tells us how it really feels, writing "The Seaport continues to spin like a vortex, sucking out liquor licenses from the rest of the city." The proposed license transfer - and perhaps the fate of Aces High - will be decided at a hearing on March 27. Know more or feel strongly about the issue? Weigh in via the tipline.

Update: a tipster writes in to say that there is an "available" sign on the building, along with this prediction: "Dot ave will be the new Blue Hill ave."

Update: It closed.

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[Photo: Flickr/thinkpipes]

Aces High

551 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127