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Vegan Treats; A Bar for Arboretum Place in JP

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JP/CAMBRIDGE - Here's a bunch of quality vegan baked goods around town from DigBoston. On the list: Fazenda Coffee Roasters in JP, Veggie Galaxy in Central Square and The Cupcakory food truck. [DigBoston]

FOOD TRUCK LAND - See here for a heated series of comments about food trucks including contributions by Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet and local restaurant critic MC Slim JB. Includes "Yes, I called you a liar. That is because you are lying. Please stop lying and I will stop calling you a liar." [Facebook]

JP - The new JP development Arboretum Place is going to have its own bar, according to this Craigslist job posting. And either JP is getting two new bars, or the Arboretum Place bar is the same place as this. And could an email address featuring the phrase "simplibarandbites" be a clue to the name of the venue? [Craigslist, EBOS]
[Photo: Official Site]

Brassica Kitchen + Cafe

3710 Washington Street, , MA 02130 (617) 477-4519 Visit Website

Veggie Galaxy

450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA