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Restaurant Week 2013; A Restaurant on Long Wharf?

NORTH END - Looks like Billy Tse Restaurant is going to get that outdoor seating after all. []

BOSTON - Regardless of how you feel about it, another Restaurant Week starts on Sunday. [Official Site]

ARLINGTON - The new hit Szechuan's Dumpling on Mass Ave in Arlington Heights is temporarily closed due to a plumbing problem, says a post on Chowhound. The restaurant could not be reached at this time, but it also wasn't answering its phone during regular hours, so maybe call first if you're headed over. [CH]

WATERFRONT - The supreme court has ruled that the end of Long Wharf is not technically a park and is therefore a place that could have a restaurant, as has long been hoped for by some. So maybe that will happen. [UniversalHUB]
[Photo: Billy Tse Restaurant/Official Site]

Billy Tse Restaurant

240 Commercial Street, Boston, MA