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Over 3,000 People Sign Irish Nachos Petition

Photo: Yelp/Jerry M.

Civic engagement is a fickle beast, and yet 3,645 people (and counting) have endorsed a Facebook petition to return a dish called "Irish Nachos" to the menu at Harry's Bar & Grill in Brighton. The petition was drafted by a customer complaining about the removal of the nachos, and the restaurant agreed to terms in which if double the occupancy of the venue (292) "like" the petition, the nachos would return.

Chef Josh Davis tells Eater that "people freaked out" when the nachos were taken off, and though they started as a seasonal, rotating item, they lasted for three seasons due to their popularity, making them a bit like the FDR of bar snacks. And what constitutes an Irish Nacho? Waffle fries, applewood smoked bacon, sour cream, jack and cheddar cheese, plus an option to add beef chili or grilled chicken. "We by no means consider our Irish Nachos to be haute cuisine," says Davis, who notes that, regardless, they'll be back tomorrow, March 15, starting at 6PM.

Correction: those who "like" the petition are not entitled to free beer, as previously reported.

· Petition to Bring Back Harry's Irish Nachos [Facebook]

Harry's Bar and Grille

1430 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, MA