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Sit On and Drink From Ice at Frost Ice Bar by June

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Photo: The Frost crew, testing bar wear/Facebook

Frost Ice Bar will open near Faneuil Hall in June, says the Herald, noting that "everything but the floor and ceiling will be made of ice." The bar will be located indoors, kept at 17 degrees and open year-round. One might wonder about the appeal of drinking inside of a 17-degree bar when it gets to be 17 degrees outside, but a representative for the company says "It's amazingly comfortable." (Also comfortable: 70-degree bars.) The bar will be located above an American Eagle store and will provide patrons with "hooded capes and gloves" with which to enjoy that comfortable temperature for 45 minutes a pop. It should cost around $29, which will include a drink, perhaps one of eight "Boston-themed" drinks.
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Frost Ice Bar

Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston, MA 02109 617-307-7331