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Appleton Bakery and Cafe Begins a New Life

Photo: Official Site

The Appleton Bakery and Cafe on Appleton Street in the South End is open once again following a temporary closure for renovations and a change in management. Boston Restaurant Talk hears that the cafe now has "a larger variety of muffins, the addition of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, a reconfiguration of the pickup counter and the food prep area, and more sweetener and drink options" plus the return of "cookies, cupcakes, and their mega iced coffee option." The new owners previously told Eater to expect a different storefront, and a blog post indicates that the management is intent on smoothing the course of the cafe, acknowledging that it has experienced "a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, twists and turns" but says that new changes are "only the beginning."
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Appleton Cafe and Bakery

123 Appleton Street, Boston, MA