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Is Stefani House of Pizza Going The Way of Roast Beef?

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Stefani House of Pizza, aka Stefani Pizzeria, located between Kendall Square and Central Square in Cambridge appears to have closed and may become the home of a new establishment called Primo Roast Beef and Pizza. That news comes from a comment posted to Chowhound that says Stefani closed two months ago "and is now papered over with a sign" declaring said roast beef purveyor.

According to Facebook, Stefani has been open for 30 years. The pizzeria's management could not be reached at this time - a message says the phone line is "temporarily disconnected" - but Eater has confirmed with Primo Roast Beef and Pizza of Lynn that they are not expanding to Cambridge. Stay tuned. Know more? Do tell via the tipline.
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[Photo: Yelp/Jessica R.]

Stefani House of Pizza

783 Main Street, Cambridge, MA