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Updated: Fei Fan Eatery in Chinatown Has Closed

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A post on Chowhound says that Chinatown's Fei Fan Eatery has closed. However the restaurant in the Avana Loft Building food court could not be reached for comment at this time, so the closure has yet to be confirmed. The tiny restaurant is best known for its Japanese-style hot dogs, which come with toppings like shredded nori, miso sauce, daikon radish, bonito flakes and soba noodles. Stay tuned for updates and send your own to the tipline.

Update: Boston Chinatown tells Eater that Fei Fan Eatery has indeed closed.

· March 2013 Openings and Closings [Chowhound via GS]
[Photo: Yelp/Paran Y.]