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Boston Rallies to Save Downtown Crossing Pushcarts

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A wave of support including Mayor Menino himself has come out in favor of saving the Downtown Crossing pushcarts. The Globe ran a story on Friday saying the longtime vendors, many of whom sell food, had to leave by the end of the month so that the program could be revamped for the future. But then Menino told the Boston Business Journal that he found the plan unfair, saying "These guys have been struggling, and now the good days are coming and the association wants to bring in other vendors from elsewhere? I want to take care of the vendors who kept Downtown Crossing alive in the difficult times."

Meanwhile, a grassroots movement to support the vendors now includes the Twitter handle @SaveDTPushcarts, a Facebook page called Save the downtown Pushcarts, the already existing The REAL Downtown Crossing Page plus a petition on

By all means, share your thoughts in the comments.

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