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Car-Less Apt. Building; Somerville Condos; Top Brokers

Curbed Cuts returns with all the top news from Curbed Boston.

[via Sebastian Mariscal]

ALLSTON - A new development at 37 North Beacon Street seeks to do the unthinkable in Boston: ban its tenants from owning cars. The 44-unit complex would have tenants sign an addendum to their leases saying they don't or won't have a car.
BACK BAY - The 7,599-square-foot manse at 198 Commonwealth Avenue, at Exeter Street, just hit the sales market for $8,900,000, making it instantly one of the priciest listings in Boston at a time when Boston has a lot of pricey listings, you guys.

Here are the top 20 real estate brokers in the city right now
, based on sales and listings in January and February.
SOMERVILLE - Our David Bates deep-dives into the city's condo market since 2005 and comes up with nuggets like this: "1,786 (55 percent) were two-bedrooms and 713 (22 percent) were three-bedrooms."