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Two Stars for The Sinclair; Another Take on BoMa; More!

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Photo: The Sinclair/Rachel Leah Blumenthal

The newly opened dining component of Harvard Square music venue/restaurant The Sinclair gets two stars from the Globe's James Reed, out of a possible four. Though The Sinclair "is clearly on its way to becoming a vibrant addition to Harvard Square's dining scene" it also "hasn't quite hit its stride." Appetizers and cocktails are lauded, though Reed says that to order an entree is "to waste your time." That said, he would "gladly go back" for any of those smaller plates, including the Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, wings and "disco" fries. The blog ChowDown Beantown is more enthusiastic, asking "What's not to love about this place?" [BG]

Corby Kummer's review of BoMa in Boston Magazine begins in much the same vein as MC Slim JB's previous BoMa review for The Phoenix: with a comparison to nearby neighbor The Gallows. The two reviews also come to similar conclusions:

Slim: "BoMA has a lot of charm and promise, and initially works as a fun place for drinks and grazing, but if it hopes to cultivate the repeat business of locals in its increasingly competitive South End setting, both the front and the back of the house will have to add a little more refinement and polish to their game."

Kummer: "I'll keep waiting—and hoping that BoMa will work to succeed on a South End strip where the competition is only growing stiffer." [Boston Magazine]

The ramen at YumeWoKatare in Cambridge is "definitely different from any other ramen you can get in Boston" says Tiny Urban Kitchen blogger Jen Che. And though a meal here "transported me back to Japan, which made me very happy," she would prefer smaller portions and "a wider variety of vegetables." [Tiny Urban Kitchen]

Pho Lemongrass in Brookline is the subject of the Globe's latest Cheap Eats column, where Ellen Bhang says the banh xeo is "pillowy-crisp." Grüner Veltliner pairs well with the banh hoi pork, though she wishes "for more spicy heat in some dishes." [BG]

The Sinclair

52 Church Street, , MA 02138 (617) 547-5200 Visit Website

The Sinclair

52 Church Street, Cambridge, MA