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Prabal Gurung x Target Launch; V-Day Guides; More

It's time again for On The Racked, the weekly pick of local fashion news from our companion site Racked Boston.

[Photo: Racked]

HUB-WIDE—The highly anticipated Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration launches on Sunday, so here's your guide to the five most convenient Boston area stores.

ONLINE—We rounded up seven scandalous gifts for your number one love interest. You'll find some socially conscious love gloves, sexy boudoir accessories, and even a set of body paint to memorialize a passionate romp.

PROVIDENCE—The Rhode Island-based StyleWeek Northeast is an impressive production. Dig into our recap of the highlights from designers Millie Bautista and Toni Lyn Spaziano of Chances R.

HUB-WIDE—A quick survey reveals that Boston does in fact have some titillating adult boutiques, and in the spirit of the year's most romantic day—Valentine's, of course—we mapped the non-seedy ones. Ooh la la.