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Boston to Get Four More Amsterdam Falafelshops

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Photo: Amsterdam Falafelshop/Facebook

The DC-based, Netherlands-style Amsterdam Falafelshop is planning to quadruple its local presence. PR Newswire says that a total of four more locations are in store for the Boston area as part of a wave of expansion that also includes five other stores for Virginia and Maryland: currently there's just the two, here and in DC. The eight-year-old company came to the space that was formerly Diva Lounge in Davis Square in July 2012 and by most accounts has enjoyed great popularity there. According to PR Newswire, the new shops will be franchise locations. Those will presumably offer the same menu featuring the restaurant's namesake fried legume patties, French fries and many fry dips and sandwich toppings.

So: where would you like to see a new Amsterdam Falafelshop?

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