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Beer, Pretzels, and Shiny Tables at the Harpoon Beer Hall

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Harpoon Brewery's new beer hall is definitely attractive - with or without beer goggles. From the glossy communal tables made from salvaged Vermont butternut trees to the endless rows of Harpoon glasses to the ridiculous amounts of natural light pouring in, the hall is a huge expansion and improvement on the old (and notoriously crowded) tasting room. There's room for 250 people to sit and drink one (or more) of 20 Harpoon varieties on tap, and there's even a root beer on tap as well. The long, narrow space is flanked by enormous windows on both sides; in one direction, guests can watch the Seaport District, and in the other, they can peek into the brewery's innards. Starting in March, guests will be able to take a revamped brewery tour along catwalks.

On the far end of the hall, there's a private event room that doubles as overflow seating on busy days. Nearby, a tiny kitchen churns out huge, doughy pretzels (regular and cinnamon sugar) for $3 a pop, which includes a choice of two sauces (whole grain mustard, red pepper aioli, peanut butter, and more). On the opposite end, by the entrance, there's an obligatory gift shop as well as a nifty growler-filling station.

The beer hall, which opened last week, serves beer and pretzels from 2 PM to 9 PM Monday through Wednesday, noon to 11 PM Thursday and Friday, 11 AM to 11 PM Saturday, and noon to 9 PM Sunday.

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