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Finally, Cambridge Will Get a Cricket-Themed Restaurant

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Cambridge's long, cricket-themed restaurant drought is finally nearing its end with news that Hit Wicket is indeed coming to Inman Square. Hit Wicket's intended replacement of Spice and Rice in Inman Square was first spotted by Boston Restaurant Talk, and now the restaurant has its very own website up and running with the promise that it will open "soon." Neither Hit Wicket nor Spice and Rice were available to comment as to when the change might take place, though Spice and Rice currently remains open. Per its website, Hit Wicket, which is named for one of the game's rules, will be the only cricket-themed restaurant in all of North America.

As previously surmised, Hit Wicket will serve dishes inspired by the many countries in which the baffling sport has won fans. The cuisines of Sri Lanka, New Zealand, the West Indies and Pakistan will all be represented, along with offerings from England, unfortunately. The Hit Wicket website also says that patrons will be able to watch live cricket and soccer matches (presumably on TV) and will have the opportunity to "fiddle with cricket gear."

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[Photo: Official Site]

Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 945-9259 Visit Website

Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA