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Farmstead, Inc. Does Brunch; Boston's Culinary Status

PROVIDENCE - Gourmet food shop and bistro Farmstead, Inc. is beginning its very first brunch series. Starting this Sunday, March 3, and continuing every first Sunday of the month, Farmstead, Inc. will be serving brunch from 10AM to 2PM. Menu items include boudin noir sausage with biscuits and gravy, fried oysters and poutine, whiskey-brined Rhode Island ham, and of course Bloody Marys. For more information or for reservations, call 401.274.7177. [Official Site]

WATERFRONT - Because nothing says energy drinks like leaping off of tall buildings head-first, Red Bull will be hosting another "cliff" diving demonstration in Boston this year, on August 24, says BosGuy. Last year, a guy also parachuted down to Boston harbor while in a kayak before paddling around a bit. Now are you thirsty? [BosGuy]

HUB-WIDE - The hand-wringing about Boston's culinary validity continues as the Herald's Kerry J. Byrne wonders if this is "a second-rate food town" based on a recent list from The Daily Meal. Don't worry, there are plenty of photos of things the author ate in other cities. [Boston Herald]
[Photo: Facebook/Farmstead, Inc.]

Farmstead, Inc.

186 Wayland Ave, Providence, RI