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Valentim Pizza Is Finally 100% Churrasco Buffet & Grill

Photo: Somerville Patch

The Somerville restaurant that has alternately been known as Valentim Pizza and Churrasco Buffet & Grill for years is finally, officially, 100% now just Churrasco Buffet & Grill. Notes from a recent city of Somerville license meeting indicate that a request to change the Magoun Square restaurant's name to Brazilian Churrasco Buffet & Grill has been approved, though "No other changes to the business" will be made. A post on Chowhound chronicles the backstory, saying that the restaurant has long been operating as Churrasco Buffet & Grill despite some confusing signage, web listings and so forth. The restaurant features Brazilian barbecue as well as a buffet. But not pizza.
· City of Somerville (PDF) [Official Site]
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