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Is Something Up With Allston's Cafe Brazil?

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Cafe Brazil in Allston appears to be at least temporarily closed for the time being. A poster on Chowhound notices that that Cambridge Street restaurant went dark about ten days ago and a call placed to Cafe Brazil during its regular business hours went unanswered, with no recorded message to speak of. The restaurant has yet to reply to an email request for further information, and subsequent commenters on Chowhound say they hear it's been sold to the owners of the Hill Tavern in Beacon Hill, but that news is otherwise unconfirmed. On the Cafe Brazil menu: salada de palmito, tira gosto de casa and of course feijoada.

So has the restaurant gone on vacation without leaving word? Will it reopen, not reopen, or transform into something entirely different? Stay tuned and share any intel of your own via the tipline.
· Does Anyone Know What's Happening With Cafe Brazil in Allston? [CH]

Update: Cafe Brazil has indeed closed.

[Photo: Yelp]

Cafe Brazil

421 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA