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Yes, Mei Mei Street Kitchen Will Open a Brick and Mortar

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Photo: Facebook/Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Previous reports that local food truck favorite Mei Mei Street Kitchen would be opening a brick and mortar restaurant are, as it turns, totally true. Mei Mei confirms the news in a blog post from earlier this month, saying "we just signed a lease on a brick & mortar restaurant!... We are expanding into our own space and we couldn't be more excited. And nervous." Yesterday Mei Mei tweeted an opening timeframe, saying "hoping to open late spring/early summer." Boston Restaurant Talk notices a possible location based on a map within the blog post and suggests that "the permanent dining spot may be located by the corner of Park Drive and Buswell Street (about two blocks north of Beacon Street)" in Audubon Circle.

Mei Mei has carved out a niche on the local scene by serving locally raised meat (and locally grown non-meat) in Chinese-inspired dishes like The Double Awesome, which sandwiches poached eggs and cheddar betwixt pieces of scallion pancake. There's no word yet on how the restaurant's menu will compare with that of the food truck, but check out the truck's menu Tumblr updates to get a sense of the overall ouvre. And, as always, send any updates of your own to the tipline.

Update: The menu will feature dishes from the truck plus new ones, and the restaurant will be called Mei Mei.

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