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Shanghai Social Club to Serve 'Upscale American Chinese'

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The upcoming Allston restaurant Shanghai Social Club will serve "upscale American Chinese" food, says chef Bob Botchie in a recent podcast from The Skinny Beet Dinner Party. Botchie also gives the restaurant's location, saying Shanghai Social Club is now under construction in the space that was once Jalepeno's, which was at 1277 Comm Ave. Botchie, an alum of Myers + Chang and Erbaluce, also describes the restaurant's menu as "Shanghai street food." He says "There is actual, traditional, authentic Chinese food... we're not doing that... We're doing an upscale American Chinese food place." He then clarifies, saying "The preparation is all going to be authentic Chinese... but the way we put out the food is going to be American."

Some dishes slated to appear on the menu: Peking duck, bao (possibly including a "Boston bao" with lobster and lemongrass), spicy short rib, General Gau's chicken, and crab rangoon. From the sound of it, soup dumplings might be a possibility as well. Botchie says that the restaurant is still in the planning phase, but when pressed for an opening timeframe, he replies "how about I say within three months?" Also, there will be a "gorgeous" granite topped bar. Stay tuned for updates about Shanghai Social Club and hit up the tipline with any of your own.

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[Photo: Bob Botchie/The Boston Foodie]


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Shanghai Social Club

1277 Comm Ave., Boston, MA 02134

Shanghai Social Club

1277 Commonwealth Avenue, Allson, MA