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Soon There Will Be a Restoration Hardware Restaurant

Photo: Some Restoration Hardware patio furniture/Official Site

Home furnishings store Restoration Hardware will include a restaurant in its upcoming Back Bay location. But it won't just be like a hot dog cart at Home Depot. First off, people don't go to Restoration Hardware for plywood and plumbing supplies; let's just say that there's an Italian Alpaca wool collection involved. UniversalHub reports that the company got the okay for a beer and wine license and will serve those beverage as well as "small bites" in what is known as the Museum of Natural History building. The dining area will be located on the third floor, and an attorney for the company says patrons "will be able to sit on the furniture that hopefully they will be interested in buying," including outdoor furniture. With so many restaurants now serving "street" tacos indoors, what's wrong with drinking a beer on a patio chaise? UniversalHUB notes that the store hopes to open next month. Previously, this building was the home of Louis of Boston, which also had a liquor license.

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Restoration Hardware

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