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Could a Steakhouse Replace Locke-Ober?

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The legendary, 137-year-old Locke-Ober closed in October 2012, and a new restaurant is slated to take its place. What restaurant? No one knows, but here's a possible lead. The Herald says that the building's new owners "are putting out feelers nationally for potential big-name chefs or high-end steakhouse or seafood restaurant operators." Whatever comes in, it's going to be a huge deal, because Locke-Ober was such a huge deal. Here's what's known about the future of Locke-Ober thus far.

· Among the new owners are Jay Hajj of Mike's City Diner in the South End and Michael Fallman of the British Beer Company chain, which is based in Plymouth.

· The building cost $3.3 million.

· Whatever comes here next will "preserve the rich, historic features and integrity of the first floor."

· The second floor, though, will become housing.

· Items from the storied, decadent original decor have been auctioned off.

· A license transfer shows Hajj conducting business under the name "Winter Place."

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The Former Locke-Ober

3 Winter Place, Boston, MA