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Yoki in Central Square is Temporarily Closed

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The Cambridge location of Yoki Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Central Square is closed for the time being. An anonymous Eater commenter says the restaurant has been closed for a week and reports that signage indicates a February 17 reopening. The purported cause: a holiday for Chinese New Year plus renovations for the kitchen. Then, the commenter freaks out a little: "Who renovates a kitchen after only six [seven, actually] months of being open? Who takes a two week vacation after opening for only half a year? I'm worried that this is a bad sign."

No one from the Cambridge location has responded to a request for further information, though an employee from the Medford Yoki confirms that the Central Square restaurant is currently closed, could not say when it will reopen, and says that a vacation is the reason. Yoki could very well be renovating and reopening this coming week, so hold off on any cursed space theories related to Yoki's predecessor, Floating Rock, until at least then. And send any of your own intel to the tipline.

UPDATE: As of February 25 it's open again.

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