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A New, Smaller Version of Mantra is Coming

Photo: Mantra/Official Site

The former Theater District restaurant Mantra will be reopening in somewhat different form. Mantra stopped doing business as a restaurant last spring and has continued to operate as an event space, and now a representative from One World Cuisine, which runs Mantra plus other local restaurants like Diva in Davis Square, says that the company "will be opening a[n] outpost of a smaller, intimate MANTRA soon." In addition, the original location at 52 Temple Street will be hosting monthly special events on occasions such as "Valentines, NYE and a lot of Indian holidays." Also, the company denies allegations that the space has changed much, as gathered by local restaurant critic MC Slim JB on Chowhound and as it seemed from photos posted on the Mantra website, which showed an entirely different decor. See below for the company's response.

Here's some highlights from what MC Slim JB said over on Chowhound:

Zombie Restaurant Alert: Mantra is only open to the public for Valentine's Day. Apparently, it's also doing private functions now.

Which is weird, because I watched them dismantling a lot of the fixtures nearly a year ago (from my Silver Line bus stop), which included the surreal sight of workers rolling a giant metallic-golden ball about three feet in diameter out of the place.

It also looks very odd, at least based on the photos provided in the Gilt City offer. The first image: looks nothing like what I remember of the interior of Mantra , which I recall being more like this:

It's weird and kind of sad. It's like they stripped it down and then later refurnished it using wedding-reception rental furniture. There's also a giant temporary HVAC unit in the middle of the room. Not quite the beautiful, ultra-modern interior design it was once praised for.

And here's what a representative from One World Cuisine says:

The Comments about the the change of interior, taking apart mantra are FALSE.

1. The images on the website are from recent corporate events, social
events that have taken place at mantra.
2. The A/C that was in mantra was a temporary A/C on the Summer months due
to a maintenance issue in the system.
3. The commentator who saw our staff taking furniture out was a special
offsite event in which the event organizer borrowed our furniture for his

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52 Temple Place, Boston, MA