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Outlandish Guest Requests From The Mandarin Oriental

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The Langham isn't the only hotel in town to have entertained some wild requests from high rolling guests. Whale Week continues with two stories from the Guest Relations team at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Back Bay, which is home to the restaurant Asana plus the M Bar and Lounge and Spa Cafe.

[Photo: The lobby/Official Site]

On one occasion, a guest requested a specific type of yogurt that was unavailable to purchase in Boston. Upon extensive research, the team found that the closest place to purchase the yogurt was in New Jersey. One colleague took a helicopter to New Jersey accompanied by only a cooler. He landed in the middle of a sheep farm, bought 20 containers of the special yogurt, and immediately flew back to Boston.

To sleep at night, one guest required the use of a sound machine. Before their arrival, they asked the team if they could secure a machine that would play specific types of birds and specific chirps. Because the team was unable to find the exact sounds in a store, they went online, downloaded and recorded the requested bird sounds and chirps so as to create a more peaceful sleeping environment for the guest

Note: a reference to the yogurt incident previously appeared in The Improper Bostonian.

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