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Landlord Cancels Villa Mexico Going Away Party

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The future of Beacon Hill neighborhood burrito favorite Villa Mexico is unknown, but its immediate future is not a kind one. The self-described "only authentic Mexican food business inside a gas station in the City of Boston" was throwing its own goodbye party today to mark its closing due to imminent construction on the building, but according to the Villa Mexico Facebook page, the landlord has now cancelled the party. Owner Julie King writes:

LAST MINUTE NOTICE: My dear friends, I just received a call from my Landlord. They just told me that "THE STORE WILL BE CLOSED BY 1:00 pm BECAUSE THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD GO". This was very unexpected because we were told that we could have our farewell party today. I do not know what to say because I am in shock. We were prepared with our food and goodies for this afternoon and unfortunately they took a last minute decision in their own benefit. I do apoligize but our party should be cancelled because we are not going to expose our customers and friends to an inconvenient situation. We are extremely sorry and I sincerely thank you so much for your comprehension and understanding.

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[Photo: Facebook/Via Mexico Cafe]

Villa Mexico

296 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA