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25 Priciest Boston Sales Ever; Ask a Whale; More!

It's Curbed Cuts o'clock: all the best neighborhood news from this week courtesy of Curbed Boston.

[Photo: Curbed]

BOSTON - It's Whale Week 2013 over here and, as part of that, we charted the top 25 priciest Boston home sales ever, starting with a Mandarin Oriental penthouse that occupies the top two spots. Twenty Louisburg Square (above) also made the historic cut.
BROOKLINE - The biggest whale on the market here, the Happy Hollow estate off Rockwood Street, has an odd/amazing selling point: Its gardens include grass from Fenway's infield. All yours for $6,950,000.

WATERFRONT - >Our David Bates went whale-hunting at some of the choicest addresses along the water, including The Intercontinental, the public property record of "which shows a Saudi-Arabian prince and a former Bruin as owners of units."
HUB-WIDE - Finally, for Whale Week 2013, we have a bona fide whale answering questions about buying and renting big-time in the region.