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Free Rent! Free Rent! Free Rent! More!

It's time for the weekly real estate news from Curbed Boston.

BACK BAY - Neighborhood opposition is holding up 40 Trinity Place and its two-story lobby starting on the 18th floor.
FENWAY - Meet 1271 Boylston Avenue, the newest comer to the neighborhood's development shindig. The likely apartment-hotel hybrid means the aged Howard Johnson currently there is kaput.
DOWNTOWN CROSSING - Boston's hottest new rental tower has already resorted to handing out free rent. The Kensington, of course, joins other luxury towers in the city offering tenants freebies as the rental market appears to pivot. Cats and dogs living together, people!
HUB-WIDE - In 2013 so far, one out of every four South End condo sales has closed at more than $1 million. Other fun facts on the region's roaring luxury condo market here.