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State Park Will Open Soon & Wants Your Face on the Wall

Photo: Hungry Mother/Paul H., Foursquare

State Park, Hungry Mother's upcoming "(obnoxious little) sister bar," plans to open later this month, according to a newsletter, and excited soon-to-be-patrons can now bid to have a photo of their face stapled to the wall (which Hungry Mother also did when it first opened). There may be about 400 spaces available, or more, or less, or maybe the whole thing will be a "flop," according to the newsletter. The bidding starts at $50, and participants should follow these directions to send in their final offer. You've got one chance only, and bidding ends at noon on Monday, December 9th. 10% of the proceeds will benefit Food for Free, a Cambridge-based food rescue organization, while the rest will go towards "things like chairs, tables, construction and taxidermy," as well as "Uncle Sam" and "Uncle PayPal."

Back in late July, a few details were revealed about the upcoming bar. There may be pool, shuffleboard, and pinball; a jukebox; and cocktail pitchers. And there will be "no pretension whatsoever," co-owner Alon Munzer told Boston Magazine.
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State Park

15 Hampshire Street, , MA 02139 (617) 848-4355 Visit Website

Hungry Mother

233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02141 617 499 0090 Visit Website

State Park

One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA