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BU Is Getting BurgerFi-ed

Photo: BurgerFi, Key West/Facebook

BurgerFi, a chain with more than 50 locations nationwide, is opening its first Massachusetts outpost at Boston University. A Craigslist posting indicates January 21st as a start date for multiple positions, so the restaurant will likely open to the public shortly after that, where it will enhance the "Burgerfication of the nation." (That's trademarked, so don't go thinking that just any burger shop can burgerfi the nation.) The chain's website touches on all the usual buzzwords: "all-natural," "grass-fed," "never frozen," "no additives," and "low carbon footprint."

The menu is a standard mix of burgers, hot dogs, "accessories" (read: fries and onion rings), frozen custards and concretes, and beer & wine. And there's a secret menu. Shhhh, don't tell. It's hidden very, very well, sitting right on the main menu page of the restaurant's official website. "Fries limp," anyone?
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