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Harshest Restaurant Reviews; Beer at Logan

FENWAY — Eater National recounts some of the harshest restaurant reviews of the year, including one from Boston, when Devra First dropped a lone half of a star (out of four) on Michael Schlow's Barrio Cantina. "Tuna needn't die for this dish," she lamented of a tasteless ceviche. [-EN-]

HUB-WIDE — Here's another year-end listicle, just in case there haven't been enough listicles yet. BostInno takes a look at 15 of Boston's best food trucks that rolled around the scene this year, including Mei Mei Street Kitchen, The Bacon Truck, Fugu Truck, and more. [BostInno]

EAST BOSTON — We Love Beantown provides a short but potentially useful ranking of the Logan terminals, based on pre-flight beer options. Spoiler alert: Terminal A is the best.
[Photo: The Bacon Truck/Facebook]