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What's the Most Memorable Thing You Ate in 2013?

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Photo: Shutterstock/R.Ashrafov

With the coming of the new year, it's time for the inevitable recounting of all of the best things that happened this year...and the worst things. It's time to make listicles and share memories, compose so many "best of" lists that the words "best of" lose all meaning, and start thinking about those resolutions that will be made and broken with the span of a week or so.

So in honor of 2013 drawing to close, let's go ahead and talk about the most memorable meals you've had all year. (Memorable isn't necessarily synonymous with "best," so go ahead and get creative.) Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and we'll round up the most interesting stories in a map or post later this month. Ready, go: What is the most memorable thing you ate this year?
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