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Fjällräven Opens; Randolph Eyewear Sale; More

Here's Racked Boston with the weekly fashion and shopping news.

BACK BAYSwedish heritage brand Fjällräven opens on Newbury Street, with a wall full of Kånken backpacks and racks of ultra-warm, guaranteed outerwear.

HUB-WIDE—Lunch buddies, cubicle-mates, and company-mandated Yankee Swappers will all appreciate a gift that is thoughtful and subtle. Here are six coworker gifts, mostly under $20.

RANDOLPH—Avoid blinding white light from the snow with iconic, US-made military-grade Randolph Engineering sunglasses from its factory sale this weekend.

HUB-WIDE—These five statement-making pieces will have the crowd scoping out you instead of the countdown clock on New Year's Eve.