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Ugly Sweaters; Ugly Sweaters

DOWNTOWN — Put on your ugliest sweater to get a 20% discount on your meal at Dick's Last Resort on Saturday, December 21st. [Press Release]

BACK BAY — Keep on your ugliest sweater for brunch at Towne on Sunday, December 22nd from 11am-3pm, and you will be rewarded with a discounted buffet - $25 instead of the usual $38. There are carving stations and lots more, so your embarrassment is totally worth it. [Press Release]

NEWTON — Well, what's one more day? Keep on that ugliest sweater for "family-style pasta night" at Farmstead Table on Monday, December 23rd, from 4pm-9pm. For those who actually do wear an ugly sweater, a portion of what you pay for your meal will be donated to Lovin' Spoonfuls. On the menu: shareable portions of spicy lobster arrabbiata, rigatoni bolognese, gnocchi with braised mushroom ragu, and more. [Press Release]
[Photo: Towne/Cal Bingham]

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