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Allston Square; Millennium Place; Free Rent; More!

Free rent? Free rent! Here's Curbed Boston with the latest in real estate.

ALLSTON - The groundbreaking for the big-time redevelopment of Barry's Corner is set for Friday, part of Harvard's expansion in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, a group of residents wants to change the name to Allston Square. Bring it.
DOWNTOWN CROSSING - A suburbanite paid more than $3,300,000 for a condo in the new Millennium Place, the biggest total yet plunked down for a spread there. At the same time, more and more Millennium Place owners are renting out their freshly bought places.
QUINCY/MEDFORD/ROSLINDALE - Not feeling the love from Southie, the South End, JP, etc.? How's about these soaring markets for your next condo buy?
HUB-WIDE - Here's a map of several apartment complexes offering free rent and/or no security deposits right this second.