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What's Your Favorite Ramen in Town?

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Photo: Yume Wo Katare/Japanese-American in Boston

With cold days ahead, ramen is an essential part of the how-not-to-hate-winter plans of many food-loving folks. Yume Wo Katare is on vacation again, so the Porter Square hot spot is off the list until 5pm on January 2nd. Where else do you go for your ramen fix? Do you prefer one style over all the others, and who makes it best? Perhaps you're a fan of backbar's "Genius Hour" ramen special—or perhaps the day that Snappy Sushi switched over to Snappy Ramen was the best day of your life? Spill your noodle-filled secrets by leaving a comment below, and we'll round up your ramen picks in a map next week.
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