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No, ManRay Is Not Coming Back Just Yet

Photo: Zev Fisher/Official Site

For awhile there, it looked like defunct nightclub ManRay would indeed be reborn in Central Square; up until recently, it was supposed to open in a former Blockbuster store at 541 Massachusetts Ave. this fall, adding a restaurant to the mix as well. Known for its goth and fetish nights, the club was open from 1985 to 2005 at 21 Brookline St., also in Central Square, until it was shuttered to make way for condos.

Now, Cambridge Day reports that the project is currently "on hold," and a pet store is eyeing the space instead. ManRay owner Don Holland "has explored options with nearly every landlord in Central Square," according to Cambridge Day, and it took "months of negotiation" to secure the Mass. Ave. deal with a landlord who was "lukewarm" on the idea of a club in the space. Will ManRay find a new home? Stay tuned.
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