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You Can Eat a Double Awesome Indoors Next Week

Photo: UrbanDaddy/Melissa Ostrow

The Mei Mei Street Kitchen team has just announced an opening date for their brick-and-mortar location (simply dubbed Mei Mei): this Monday, November 11th. Before you run off to Fenway to get your hands on a Double Awesome, here's the breakdown of the coming weeks:
· For the first week, it's lunch only, and the hours are 11am-3pm. The menu is limited as well and will look pretty similar to the truck menu.
· The dinner menu will ramp up through the soft opening week, November 18-23 (with a break for the OverKill event on Thursday). There will be a launch party on the 23rd.
· The real thing begins on November 25th — a full dinner menu, table service, and such. Mei Mei will be closed that Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Back in June, sisters and co-owners Mei and Irene Li (who own the truck and restaurant with their brother, Andy) chatted with Eater about what diners can expect from the restaurant. The lunch menu will typically be in the same style as the truck, and "street food" will also be available for dinner and late at night, but dinner will feature "more and different proteins," seafood, and more whole pig preparations. "We'll be selling dinner entrees," they explained. "We haven't attempted to sell an $18 pork chop off the truck or a braised pig's foot. Those are things that we could try to push off the truck but fit in more with the concept here."

Other future plans include brunch and a beer and wine license, according to the Mei Mei Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded in June. As for changes to the truck, the existence of the restaurant will likely enable the daily availability of dumplings, as the restaurant will act as a commissary for the truck.
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Mei Mei (Boston)

506 Park Dr., Boston, MA 02215 (857) 250-4959 Visit Website

Mei Mei

506 Park Drive, Boston, MA