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Eat Ox Bone Soup at Seoul Soulongtang

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Seoul Soulongtang, a Korean restaurant, opened earlier this month in Allston, according to posters on Chowhound. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in soulongtang, which a Yelper defines as "soup made from simmering ox bones and nothing but ox bones FOR DAYS until it's thick and white as milk. It's basically bone milk!" ("Beef soup for the soul," promises the restaurant's website.) Diners typically add their own seasonings at the table, particularly salt and scallions. The menu also features a few other classic Korean dishes, like bulgogi and galbi.

The Comm. Ave. space formerly housed Toro Sushi, and before that, Roppongi Sushi, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.
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[Photo: Yelp/John L.]

Seoul Soulongtang

1245 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, MA