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MC Medici Has Been Renamed M.C. Spiedo

[Photo: Clark Frasier (right) and Mark Gaier/Ron Manville for Eater Maine]

Renowned Maine chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier are opening a restaurant in Boston in February, and while it was originally going to be named MC Medici, it will now be M.C. Spiedo. The "M" and "C" refer to the chefs' first names (like their Ogunquit restaurant MC Perkins Cove), while "spiedo," pronounced sp-YEH-do, refers to a spit or skewer in Italian.

In October, Gaier and Frasier told Eater Maine that the restaurant would be "all about historical Italian food, which has been a passion of [theirs]," and a rep for the duo tells Eater Boston that rotisserie was a "wildly popular technique during the Renaissance," so diners will see offerings like spit-roasted suckling pig and duck. Conveniently enough, the restaurant is located in the Renaissance Hotel, in the former 606 Congress space. Earlier this year, it was reported that 606 chef Rich Garcia would stay on with the hotel to oversee culinary operations.

As of October, Gaier and Fraiser were putting one of their other restaurants, Arrows, also in Ogunquit, up for sale in order to eventually devote more time to the MC brand.

UPDATE: According to a rep, Garcia is no longer at the Renaissance.
· M.C. Spiedo opens at the Renaissance Hotel in February [BG]
· Arrows Restaurant is for sale for $1.2 million [-EMAINE-]

M.C. Spiedo

606 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210 617-476-5606 Visit Website

M.C. Spiedo

606 Congress St., Boston, MA