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Highball Lounge Opens Tomorrow; Sa Pa to Expand

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DOWNTOWN CROSSING — Sa Pa Vietnamese Kitchen will expand to Cleveland Circle this spring, taking over the former Bangkok Bistro space. (Bangkok Bistro now exists elsewhere in Brighton.) Sa Pa owner Ky Nguyen also owns Kingston Station, a Downtown Crossing restaurant near the original Sa Pa location. [Banker & Tradesman]

DOWNTOWN — Highball Lounge, a "laid back vintage cocktail lounge" in the Nine Zero Hotel, opens tomorrow, according to an update posted on Twitter. Things to expect, according to the venue's website: small bites, "killer cocktails," and a DJ spinning "eclectic music nightly." [Twitter via BRT]

SOUTH END — The doors are now open at Farm and Fable in the South End, a shop specializing in vintage cookbooks and other culinary goodies. It's open until 7pm tonight if you want to swing by. [FB via BRT]
[Photo: Sa Pa/Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Kingston Station

25 Kingston Street, Boston, MA 02111 617 482 6282 Visit Website

Highball Lounge

90 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108 617 772 0202 Visit Website